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by Leon Floyd on Tree Services Sacramento

Wow, the crew at Tree Services Sacramento sure did work well together. They came to my home the same day I called. Other companies had a wait time of up to a week. They had different members of the team, one for climbing, another for using chainsaws, and even a stump grinding team. They timed everything perfect. They let me know that one team would at my property at 8:00 am, next the other teams would follow later on that day. What I really liked is that the manager of the job was on top of making sure everything got done as I was promised. Frank kept me posted when I wanted to be. I’m impressed with the work they did and the price was very reasonable. I have told all of my neighbors about how great of a job they did.

by Jim Croft on Tree Services Sacramento
$2,500 less

I had tree services sacramento remove a huge 30ft tree, remove the stump, and grass.

Paul the man who gave us the quote was really nice and very smart.

The esimate was $2,500 less than all the other estimates I received.

They showed up on time, worked hard, and cleaned up well.


Tyler from Tree Services Sacramento came to give a quote and a risk assessment four hours after I called. The price was much more affordable than I expected. We asked if they could get the job done the next day and they kindly fit us in even though they were booked. The crew worked like a team of ants, lol. You could tell they had a detailed plan and a system to get the job done efficiently. The tree we had removed was almost completely dead. We had a few dead branches fall before we called. The task to remove the tree was difficult because of it’s size and also because there were power lines running through the dead branches. Not to mention the tree lined the fence to our neighbor’s yard. We were adamant that they remove the limbs through our yard and not angry neighbors next door. I felt bad because it was not easy to swing the cut limbs to our property to drop them on the ground. We did make the worker in the trees job challenging. This removal we asked Tree Services Sacramento to accomplish was no easy assignment, to my satisfaction they did all that we asked. I’m very pleased with the entire process. Two of me friends have already booked with the company because of their excellent work.

by Machiko Allison on Tree Services Sacramento

Tree Services Sacramento’s crew is INCREDIBLE!!! I had an Ash tree about to fall on my business building. The estimate was HALF OF THE PRICE of the other 2 evaluations I received. I was working on a tight time schedule; I had to close down the parking lot of the business center. They sent a crew of 8 to cut down large and old Ash tree. They showed up early to start the work right on time, completed the job in RECORD TIME, and got the JOB DONE RIGHT.

I'm very happy with Tree Services Sacramento and here's why: I had a Eucalyptus tree fall onto my parking lot at my gas station, I needed a squad of workers to come out to my business quick and remove it. I called Tree Services Sacramento, the person answering the phone let me know that they had a job in my area that they were just about finished with it, and that they could come and remove the tree when they were done. Literally 25 minutes after our phone call the crew was there ready to work. What I really appreciated about this company is that they gave me a very fair price for the job. I would have paid double what I ended up paying. The crew was very organized and they removed this 30 foot Eucalyptus tree with tons of branches within an hour. I was very impressed with how fast they competed the job, but what really made me feel like writing this review is that they did such an amazing job with the clean up. I didn't find one wood chip on my parking lot. Thanks to Tree Services Sacramento I was able to resume business in a regular manner. Thank you!!!!

by Nico Rodney on Tree Services Sacramento
Palm Tree Removal

I called Tree Service Sacramento to cut down a huge palmtree in my backyard and the crew did a spectacular job. The Arborist and workers came early in the morning and started working immediately. They began chopping and disposing of the pieces, they also got rid of the tree stump. In addition, Tree Service Sacramento didn't charge ridiculous amounts of money like the other companies I had gotten estimates from. I'm very happy with the job well done and the customer service I received.

by Mike Fletcher on Tree Services Sacramento
thank you!

I found this tree service online through a google search for tree removal. I called and left a message. My call was returned within 3 minutes. I had a horrible, huge, tasteless, but full of thorns blackberry tree in my backyard that was causing chaos for myself and my 3 surrounding neighbors.
The tree produced and dropped a massive amount of blackberries which had absolutely no flavor to them, I couldn't figure out why until Jeff from this company explained why. The berries covered the entire backyard and created a swarm of mosquitoes, flies, & other annoying insects. Tree Services Sacramento did a great job removing blackberry tree!!! They also did a fantastic job cleaning up. I'm so thankful that I have so much more space in the back yard and all of the annoying insects are gone. If you're thinking about hiring a tree service company I would definitely use these guys.

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